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First off, ignore the star ratings. This isn't a restaurant review. I really enjoyed the story. It does need work but it's a good story...

There’s nothing new to talk about in my life so I thought I’d post a journal about one of this website's unique quirks.


One of the things I love about Deviantart is how it accepts just about any form of art that can be posted on the internet. Sure, you can’t really experience a statue and if you’re going to hear a song it’ll be a YouTube link but just about everything else can be found here. Like most of you, I don’t check out everything on here. I mostly look at literature and photography but it’s wonderful when I happen upon an artist that can draw or paint with great talent. Sometimes I’ll find them in the same gallery. Maybe I’ll find someone by a poem and when I look in their gallery I’ll see all sorts of incredible pictures or drawings. It’s impressive when you see someone who can express themselves in so many ways. There’s another thing I see in galleries that’s always surprising. I’ll be looking at poetry or photos and then all of a sudden I see a naked person…


Sometimes it’s a model the artist has worked with but more often than not it’s the artist themselves. Where else can you read someone’s poetry, look at their sketches, read about their lives in journals and see their artistic nudes? If there’s another place I don’t know of it. I’m always surprised when I see someone expressing themselves with nudes, especially in a gallery that doesn’t focus on them. It’s not a bad shock, I think it’s awesome when someone has the confidence to create artistic nudes. They’re such a pure form of human expression. It’s not for me, but if you’re one of these bold artists cheers to you.


So what do you think? Have you run into the same sort of surprise, are you one of the confident people creating artistic nudes or am I just a prude that still is surprised to see someone naked on the internet?


United States
Thanks for checking out my page. My name is Craig and I'm a writer. In my gallery you'll see a variety of my stuff including poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Most of the work I've shared here has to do with sex and relationships in some way but not all of it. As you might expect a lot of my work is labeled mature. If that's not your thing don't worry; there's PG stuff in there too. Looking for something really, really explicit? Let me know and I'll share some of my more erotic stuff with you.

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Many thanks for the watch! ^^ I haven't looked at your gallery yet, but you can count on a visit tomorrow after work! For now, though, I think I should get some sleep. :D

(In the meantime, shall I give thee a llama?)
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I don't collect llamas but I can give you one if you want.

I like what I've read. If you end up reading my work I'd love to know your thoughts.
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